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Writing on a wall

Interested in the assets and liabilities Observant has not escaped the local Wiener summer hole discussion around the Zurich GrafittiWriter puberty. Since it is not the first tourist who leaves his mark on the city in the summer (and probably at the invitation at least an Austrian crew), I thought yes, you can turn to more important things.

But when my favorite anti-journalists of TheGap of “right ULF ”(now revised and duped ^ ^) and” Pimperkram “talk, the District Director of the New-Green Thomas Blimlinger apologized to the domestic scene, because the will in a bad light, the Courier ”Nobody painted over works of others -., and please no graffiti and political sayings on house walls” is to be read and you get the butterflies to finding that one’s name to tag “neither very creative nor courageous or politically” is, I must a little laugh. I believe, because it confuses what.

Just because the job youthful hipster bobos Vienna street artists like Banksy, ROA and Shepard Fairey in recent years, party like pubescent girls weight loss pills, the City of Vienna meanwhile purpose of beautification (or lamination of unwanted construction projects) takes a couple of thousand in hand and paid contract work just because various youth-oriented promotional advertisements (unauthorisiert) images from the Danube Canal or the North Bridge included, graffiti has long experience no image boost. Writer and also do not play by any rules conceited just because you approach it from time to time quoted to paint a business facade.

If we want to talk as “Pimperkram” by anti-style, please, you know, tastes are different. I give only to remember that pretty much every style finds its critics. Ahja, I forgot THAT’s not art but vandalism * giggle *. But who determines that?

The local graffiti scene, which according Blimlinger very cooperative and reliably together work with public bodies, will be the proverbial knuckles whether the increased police presence ausfreuen that Pubers Crossing the million-$ $ $ -Kindergartenmalprojekts now follows after the “nice” Taferl- up has brought nothing (well that was once decorated). That is indeed a sledgehammer to crack a nut (the nearest kindergarten class painted determined to make the building wall on), but you can ‘so take a break and switch to other districts until the 7 .’s safe again. suffering from Thomas does it anyway.

The spread on the courier and a connoisseur of the graffiti scene’s rule dernach admire the works of others are not painted over, out of respect, is new to me. I’ve got me so let’s say, from connoisseurs of the graffiti scene * cough * that even in Vienna is still quite Heading cross – often for lack of space, mostly from deliberate disrespect – what is sometimes collected slap in the worst case (so primitive, real hey!). Sure, shame about the ROA picture, but seriously now: Street art in public spaces – you realize what? That really has no claim to permanence. If Banksy had painted over the image, the street also really like sometimes even illegal, everything would be ‘good, right?

But particularly hearted I found the butterfly, on the quest for meaning, “Why suddenly is everywhere ‘puberty’?” Came to the realization that the name tagging nothing creative, courageous or Political prey is. Must Ah eh it that? Know ye actually, what are you talking about? Because here’s probably everyone knows’ll spare ‘I am now the history lecture and write to you this 4 letters and 3 numbers on (if you already GoogleT the moths).

Splanksta – Untouchable

White Gold Members Splanksta is in this year solo career: His latest solo project “Rap was my idea,” he has already published in January and now presents the second video decoupling“Untouchable” , whose production Fallout Beats responsible distinguished. The beat comes fromPrefex Lord , in his half of the boat leak Beatz , with Cuts, recording and mixing put Kapazundaon hand.

Rap was my idea ’s on the way and Splankstas Bandcamp page to download. 

Emiliano’s Summer Sessions

The hardworking FM4 Tribe Vibes handset, the inclined listener will have already noticed it last week when Emiliano its mission in the Summer Sessions presented. For everyone else here’s the info again: Every Friday at 20:00 is an acoustic cover on the Youtube channel of his label Advanced Society published. When selecting the talented singer has had contact with French and Italian roots no limits and interpret everything that like and do not in three is on the trees.

Starting with “Daft Punk’s” current single “Get Lucky” about the little-known song of the primeval rock reggae “Richie Spice”, “Groovin my girl” to a rendition of “tumor”, a number of RAF, the only just is entered on the first of the German and the third place of the Austrian album charts., the choice of Berlin also provides a guest appearance from the dazgehörigen video. For the musical support ensures “Amaro Moralez”, one of the largest drum talents of Austria, for the Doctor’s “Summer Sessions “for guitar picks, his second passion.

“The Summer Sessions live on their unique character. By the one-take recording the songs are given a noticeable spontaneity, and a laid back atmosphere, “the young artist expresses himself.” We just jammed and then had the idea to film the whole thing and just put online. We would Never expected so much positive feedback, “Amaro says.

The first videos of the Summer Sessions here’s a list of links:

At the same time, the accompanying tour has started, the dates of which can be found here at a glance: 

08:08. Leopold Terrace, Vienna  10.08. Blobbing on Altausseersee  10.08. Salt House Lounge, Bad Aussee  15.08. Movida Beach Club, Public Gardens Salzburg  16.08. Sub, Wr. Neustadt  23.08. Tiki Beach Bar, Waidhofen Ybbs  29.08. On the shore (bathing ship), Vienna  30.08. Arx tube Moss Schladming  31.08. Style Challenge, Rauris  21.09. Sugar Beats, Eisenstadt

Prinzeed – Until death occurs

The email with the announcement Prinzeeds latest work we got twice. No, we have not overlooked the first, we have kept only for a peep show advertising. Finally, the mail is absolutely nothing about the track, artist or otherwise relevant shit. Only that it is the ladies from “Europe’s Peepshow # 1″ is in the video girls, who – as I was now corrected -. Present joy is that Prinzeed likes to pay for women, beats or B-Tight, knew We already.

Nachdems therefore is nothing else to say here please: